August 17, 2021
AC Storm Damage in Lewes, DE

Dealing with storm damage is never a fun experience for homeowners. A severe storm can cause plenty of damage to your air conditioner and make it difficult for it to operate normally. Taking the time to inspect your AC system after a storm is a good idea, as you will need to reach out to an HVAC company to perform repair work.

Here are a few of the most common signs that you are dealing with storm damage with your air conditioner.

1. Not Turning Back On

An air conditioner that doesn’t turn on makes it impossible for you to keep your home cool and comfortable. Sometimes this happens due to a power surge, as it’s a good idea to check your circuit breaker. If this doesn’t work, you will need to reach out to your local HVAC company to inspect your system and make repairs.

2. Less Efficient

Dealing with higher-than-normal utility bills can create a lot of stress and make it difficult for you to stay within your budget. Storm damage can cause your air conditioner to operate less efficiently, which results in a higher energy bill each month. Over time, this added wear and tear can decrease the lifespan of your system. Scheduling an inspection as soon as possible is essential in limiting damages and saving you money.

3. Loud Noises

An air conditioner unit will often make louder noises than normal if it’s been damaged during a storm. You may even hear strange sounds, such as screeching or rattling noises. This can happen due to debris getting in your system due to high winds during a storm. Getting an HVAC technician to look at your system and remove any debris is important to avoid causing long-term damage.

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