An efficient AC system in your home is necessary, especially during summer. It gets hot during this season, and the extreme heat can be very uncomfortable. A competently air-conditioned home gives you and your family a cooler and more comfortable environment.

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Are you looking for an authentic AC installation company in Lewes? Look no further. SABRS Home Comfort performs top-level AC installations. The Delaware beaches can be sweltering during summer. You need SABRS to ensure you’re cool and comfortable all summer long.



Regarding AC breakdowns, it doesn’t matter whether professionals installed them. While yearly air conditioner maintenance can keep it running proficiently for as long as possible, your system can’t last forever. In the end, you’ll have to replace it anyway.

People worry about when to replace the AC system. Look for the following signs that may indicate it’s time for a new air conditioner for your home:

Blowing Warm Air

The specific purpose of an AC in your home is to keep your home cool and comfortable during hot seasons. However, if it blows warm air instead of cool air, it’s time for an upgrade. Contact a SABRS Home Comfort technician for assistance.

Loud Noises

When you turn on your AC and hear squeaking, squealing, rattling, or grinding noises, you need to replace it. A properly working AC should not make any of the above noises.

Constant Repairs

Older air conditioners often require repairs. It’s perfectly normal for your air conditioner to call for occasional maintenance and repairs. However, if it needs frequent repairs or you keep on constantly repairing the same parts time and again, consider buying a new one.

Do not hesitate to contact SABRS if you need to replace your air-conditioning system. We do our job proficiently.

We are certified and recognized by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to install an energy-efficient air conditioning system in residential homes in Lewes. Additionally, we have certifications from North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and National Comfort Institute (NCI).

SABRS Home Comfort ensures that the new AC unit is installed per the manufacturer’s requirements. This guarantees the best energy and airflow efficiency. We also offer the homeowners of Lewes our reliable air conditioning options to help them decide.


SABRS Home Comfort is the perfect AC installation choice for Lewes homeowners. Our services and products offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Some benefits come with choosing SABRES. These are:

NATE Certified Technicians

AC installations and servicing need to be done correctly and efficiently, and our NATE-certified technicians deliver competently. The NATE-certified technicians from our company are well trained and tested. You can ask them any questions and get advice regarding your AC system.

Lennox Premier Dealer

Air conditioning systems from Lennox Premier allow you to experience perfectly cooled air throughout your home. SABRS Home Comfort is a Lennox Premier dealer committed to giving you and your family comfort.

Financing Options

With SABRS Home Comfort company, you can work with the Service Finance Company, an approved FHA Title I lender and licensed sales finance company. They provide solutions to loan installment for qualified borrowers. This allows you to respond to unexpected cooling needs without disrupting your monthly budget.

Fast Response

Our customer service department is active to ensure you receive assistance whenever you are in need. We are on time every time.


SABRS Home Comfort team respects you and your home. We love having a perfect customer relationship with you. For this reason, we work diligently at your home and deliver proficiently. Schedule service now and get the AC your home really needs today!

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