Like any other machine, your AC unit requires routine care and maintenance. Many homeowners do not realize the significance of regular tune-ups until their unit stops performing and they are stuck in a humid home in the sizzling summer heat.

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Overlooking routine maintenance prevents your AC unit from functioning at optimal levels and results in an inefficient AC system that uses more energy to cool your space.

SABRS Home Comfort is a reliable and trusted HVAC company serving clients in Lewes. Our highly professional and qualified technicians possess several years of experience performing AC maintenance service, providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee by giving quality results at reasonable prices.


During the AC maintenance visit, our team will conduct a complete inspection of the system by checking the indoor and outdoor components to discover any potential problems that need immediate solutions.

Cleaning the system, particularly its air filters, is the first step of the maintenance process. Dirty or clogged air filters impede airflow, resulting in decreased AC efficiency. Blocked filters cause the AC to overheat, and the system draws excess power to cool your area, consuming more energy and increasing your utility bills.

The inspection process also involves examining the electrical wiring and condenser coil to check if it needs cleaning or replacement.

The condensate line and trap is also a vital component of AC systems. Our technicians will ensure that it functions effectively to prevent condensation buildup in the system.

During the maintenance process, our HVAC experts will also lubricate and thoroughly clean all moving parts to minimize wear and tear and expand their longevity.

The following is a comprehensive checklist that SABRS technicians use when performing AC maintenance:

Indoor Unit

  • Clearing out condensate drain line and trap
  • Testing amperage and capacitor for the blower motor
  • Delta T (temp split)
  • Visual inspection of Evaporator coil
  • Adjusting fan speed to the proper setting
  • Air Filter (replacement not included)
  • Static pressure test (ensures ductwork is adequately sized)
  • Visual inspection of wiring

Outdoor Unit

  • Washing outdoor condenser coil with hose
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Testing Capacitor rating
  • Amp draw test of compressor and fan motor
  • Removal of debris from the unit (if needed)
  • Visual inspection of all wiring and components


Just like it is vital to change your vehicle’s oil for smooth operation, scheduling twice-yearly AC maintenance inspections isn’t optional but a must-do and worth a few extra bucks. Not only will preventive maintenance ensure your home AC unit performs at optimal levels but can save you from costly repairs in the future.

The following are some of the primary reasons that stress the significance of routine AC tune-ups:

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Excessively dirty air filters will lead to dirt, dust, and other pollutants seeping into the indoor air through your ductwork. That will compromise indoor air quality and can potentially trigger allergies and asthma problems in existing patients. A clean air filter will ensure a fresh, healthy flow of air into your home that is free from dust, pollens, and allergens.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Regular AC maintenance can give considerable energy savings and lower your utility bills.

A dirty air filter will restrict airflow into the home, which means more run time, or the AC system will work harder than usual to cool your home. That will subsequently pull more energy, resulting in bills up to 15% higher than normal.

Extend The Life Of Your AC Unit

While it will not last a lifetime, regular maintenance such as replacing a dirty filter can prolong the lifespan of your AC unit for up to 5 years. That is because it will decrease the amount of wear and tear that results from the system using excessive energy to cool your space due to dust, grime, and debris buildup.

Reduce The Frequency Of Repair Issues

The essence of regular AC tune-ups is to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns. Accordingly, it is known as preventive maintenance. Adopting a proactive approach to keep your comfort system running smoothly and save you the hassle and incontinence of requiring frequent repairs for problems that are easily preventable by not skipping maintenance appointments.

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