Does Having Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality?


People have been told for years that indoor plants improve a home’s air quality. Is this true, though, or just a common misconception?

NASA Study

In 1989, NASA published a study showing that indoor plants remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. NASA was conducting this research because it was looking into ways to improve the air in space stations. This research led to many people believing indoor plants improve the air in their homes.

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However, the study took place in a lab and not in the real world. The truth is, you would need to have thousands of indoor plants in your home to have any real impact on air quality. Further research has shown that individual indoor plants have little effect on air quality.

2009 Study

A 2009 study researched 29 indoor plants. The study showed that indoor plants in an open environment, like a home, have little effect on air quality. What had much more impact was air exchanges between the air in your home and outside it. Indoor plants are nice to look at, but they don’t improve the health of your home.

So What Does Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Improving the ventilation of your home is one way to improve its air quality. There are mechanical ventilation systems that remove contaminated indoor air and replace it with fresh air from the outside.

Another option is air cleaners, also known as air purifiers. You can buy relatively inexpensive portable ones. You can also have an HVAC company install a whole-house air purifier. These clean all air in your home instead of just a single room.

Other ways to include the air quality in your home include humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Which one you buy depends on where you live.

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