Protect Your Family From Cold, Viruses & Germs with Ultra Violet Lights in Clearwater & Campbell County

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UV lights offer a real solution!

Ultraviolet light reduces or eliminates harmful mold, bacteria, and airborne pathogens—in a fraction of a second! Ultravation® patented technology ensures optimum performance, regardless of the severity of the problem.

UV Lights Disinfect and Prevent Bio Growth

The UltraMax EZUV and The UltraMax EZUV Signature Series both use UV light to disinfect HVAC interior surfaces. Wet HVAC interiors are ideal settings for microbial infestation, which can significantly reduce HVAC operating efficiency, contributing germs, and allergens to indoor air.

Germicidal UV prevents insulating bio-films such as microscopic mold and bacteria on cooling coil fins which keeps HVAC heat transfer efficiency maximized. It also keeps drain pans clear of clogging bio-growth which reduces the chance of water damage from HVAC drainage overflows and in turn saves energy.

  • Kills airborne bacteria and viruses
  • Controls mold
  • Air cleaning for reduced allergens
  • Deodorizes
  • Available for any household voltage
  •  Keeps HVAC systems cleaner, increasing HVAC efficiency and saving energy!

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