Creative Ways To Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit


During summer, an air conditioner comes in handy in making your Lewes, DE, home comfortable. However, the air conditioning unit can become a party crasher during a summer barbecue. The big box piece can be an eyesore in your garden. Fortunately, we have some options for you to consider. There are plenty of creative ways for you to mask and conceal the AC unit that no one will even notice its presence.

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Before hiding your outdoor AC, you need to keep in mind how it works. The reason the metal casings are perforated is because the unit requires space to breathe. Keep this in mind before covering the machine. Additionally, ensure that the machine does not have to work so hard. Further, a shady sport from direct sunlight protects the AC from overheating. Here are creative tips to hide your AC.

1. Fence it in

Fencing is the most common approach to hiding your AC unit. There are numerous ideas on creating the ideal fence for your AC unit. Pallets can make the best fences. Incorporate cues for elements that you have in the garden to maintain an integrated look. Additionally, you can hire a professional to guide you on some of the best creative ideas.

2. Construct a Dedicated Structure

While remembering the ventilation space, you can decide to construct a dedicated structure that will offer shade to the AC. Check on your garden needs, and the structure could also be incorporated with the lawnmower and hose storage. An experienced professional will guide you on the perfect spot and design to use in the shade.

3. Add Vegetation and Structural Screens

Although a custom cover or patio furniture may be expensive, a plant screen is an affordable option that you can consider. You can use a trellis to cover the air conditioner and leave an entrance at the back. You can also erect an element to the garden design and integrate it with the veggie garden to support climbing plants.

Sabrs will guide you in identifying other creative ways to hide your AC unit. Our staff will also help you install, repair and maintain your air conditioner. We provide heating, cooling and indoor air quality services in Lewes and the surrounding areas.