Will Air Purifiers Help with Musty Smell?


Do certain rooms in your home have a musty smell? If so, consider getting an air purifier. This appliance could provide the must-eliminating solution you’re looking for.

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Causes of That Musty Smell

If you’ve noticed a musty smell in your bathroom or other areas of your house, it’s probably due to mold. The odor particles that are emitted by various types of mold can be captured by air purifiers as long as they have an activated carbon filter in them. Air purifiers are also designed to help remove other strong odors from your residence.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Indoor air purifiers can greatly improve the quality of the air moving around your residence. Odors and other volatile organic compounds can circulate throughout the rooms in your house. Some of them may cause health issues if they’re inhaled for prolonged periods of time. Having an air purifier in your home could provide many short- and long-term health benefits. Most air purifiers have multiple methods of cleaning the air in your property. They’ll be able to remove both small particles and the odors that they cause.

Activated Carbon Filters

The activated carbon filter in an air purifier can absorb a wide variety of odors. They collect gases and odors through adsorption and will hold them until you dispose of the filter. Activated carbon is a highly porous substance with a high surface area. This lets the filter collect more gases than normal carbon filters.

Air Purifier Installation and Maintenance

At Sabrs, we can help you to get an air purifier with an activated carbon filter installed in your Lewes home. Activated carbon filters should be checked every month to see if they need to be replaced. If they’re getting too dirty, they’ll stop absorbing odors as effectively and leave your house with that familiar musty smell.

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