How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

Everything that works is prone to wear and tear, and your air conditioner is no exception. To keep it operating at its best, routine maintenance is called for. Regular checkups are needed to ensure that the equipment remains clean and optimally functional. Cooling devices can be significantly less effective if they become clogged with dirt and debris. That, in turn, raises energy consumption and monthly utility bills. Here are some of the tips to follow in cleaning the system.

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Cleaning Procedure

Before proceeding, make sure that the power to the system is totally off. Your safety is paramount.

Start by removing the filter panel to gain access. If the filter is clogged, you should clean or replace it, depending on the model. If you are working on a window AC unit, you will have to remove the mounting frame and the case. You must be careful not to misplace the screws because you’ll need them for reassembly.

Straighten the Fins

The fins are parts of the condenser that help it disperse heat more quickly. Sometimes they get bent. It would be best if you armed yourself with leather gloves before you straightened them. You can use a dinner knife for this task, but don’t insert it more than half an inch. Otherwise, you could cause damage. Once you’ve completed this chore, spray the fins using moderate water pressure to get rid of any clogs.

Apply Foam Cleaner

Spray foam cleaner over the entire surface of the two coils. If the buildup is excessive, gently use a non-bristle brush to clear it. With harsh treatment, the fins can be crushed. You want to avoid that.

Service the Fan Motor

While the foam works, use a household rag to clean the fan blades. If the fan motor has plastic or rubber oiling ports, squeeze a few drops of electric motor oil in to lubricate the mechanism. Do not use penetrating or all-purpose oil because either of these can harm the bearings.

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