The Best Thermostat Mode for Indoor Air

The Best Thermostat Mode for Indoor Air

Your tool for indoor comfort is your thermostat. Thermostats are used to operate your home’s cooling and heating equipment. These devices allow you to choose a temperature setting and select a mode in which the system will operate. Each thermostat will have slight differences in how they look, but most have three basic modes. Here’s a rundown of your three essential thermostat modes.

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AUTO stands for automatic mode. Choose this setting when you want the fan to turn off between heating and cooling cycles. This setting is perfect for energy savings because it doesn’t let the equipment run continuously.

ON Mode

The ON setting tells the system to keep the fan running even when a temperature cycle has been completed. This mode allows the fan to continue blowing through the ventilation ducts. Continuous operation can increase energy use. It can also create pockets of cold or hot air and make certain rooms uncomfortable for periods of time.

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To operate the system fan without heating or cooling the air, select the FAN or FAN ONLY mode. The ideal time to use this setting is during seasonal transitions when circulating the air makes your house more comfortable.

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